• Hackers/Cheaters are not wanted here and will be kicked and banned when caught.

  • Using Bugs or Exploits to your advantage is not allowed and can be result in a ban.

  • Do not impersonate an Admin or any other players.

  • If an admin request you to change your Name, you have to do itimmediately.

  • Don’t accuse another player hacking in global chat. Make sure you have the evidence
    (recordings, screenshots) before contacting the Admin!

  • Excessive Trolling, Verbal or written abuse towards another player on the basis of gender,
    race, etc. will result in a warning or a kick.

  • General trash talking is allowed to a point, but racism, personal attacks, etc is not.

    If you are warned/kicked more than 3 times, you will be banned.

  • Advertising other servers is not acceptable.

  • Racist signs and symbols are not tolerated.

  • If the Owner or any staffmember asks you to stop doing something that is either breaking the
    rules or disrupting the server, it is highly advised that you listen to them.

  • Due to a high majority of our players being able to speak English, we have made the decision
    that chat is English only.

  • If you do not speak English, then please use the PM command to communicate with other players.