• This is an international server, so the globalchat language has to be english or German! if you cant speak english or german, pls use /pm to communicate with your friends! By breaking the rule you going to be muted!

  • Hackers and Cheaters are not Welcome and will be kicked and banned when caught

  • Using bugs or exploits to your advantage is not allowed and can result in a ban

  • Do not impersonate an admin or any other player

  • Dont accuse another player hacking in globalchat make sure you have the evidence before contacting the admin-team

  • Excessive trolling; verbal or written abuse to another player on the basis of gender, race, ect. will result in a warning or a kick. general trash talking is allowed to a point, but personal attacks are not!

  • Advertising other servers is not acceptable

  • Racist signs and symbols are not tolerated and the hole base will be destroyed!

  • If the admin-team asks you to stop something, that is breaking the rules, or disrupting the server, you should listen to them