WARNING: If you break any of these rules, there will be a consequence. There may be some cases where a warning will be issued before any punishments but this will depend on the severity of the offence.

-English or German only in chat, no one wants to see stuff they cant read!
-Dont spam in chat, also advertising other servers isnt acceptable!
-Verbal or written abuse to players for there gender, race ect. will result in a warning / kick /ban!
-No complaining abourt getting raided/killed! No one is interesstet for it!
-General trashtalking is allowed to a point, but personal attacks are not!
-If the Admin-Team told you to stop something, that is breaking the rules, disturbing the server or something else, you should listem to them!
-Respect the Admins in any case! Respect all Staff, when they talking to you! Maybe, one day you will need some help too!
-Hackers and cheaters are not welcome and will be banned when caught!
-Prevent using exploits, lets play fair together!
-No racist names, please respect other players cultures!
-Racist signs and symbols are not tolerated and the whole base will be destroyed!
-No racist Clantags, it isnt cool!
-The max. amount of Groupmembers is 3! This include Sleepers!
-Only roam, raid, defend or ally with your choosen Groupmembers!
If more then one Clan work together all teaming Clans will get punished!